Tuesday, March 2, 2010


different style of kitchen with islands
While a kitchen island can be as simple as a table with open legs, many new kitchen islands are being designed with useful and decorative touches.

white kitchen with island modern designe
Some kitchen islands are elaborate custom-built pieces of fine cabinetry and include a sink, granite counters, cabinets for storage, a second dishwasher, a warming oven. The sky's the limit if you have room.

modern kithen with island
kitchen-island design
island kitchen modern design
The simplest and most common kitchen island has a single surface , like a tabletop. But amulti-level islandcan incorporate both food preparation and eating areas, wine racks, shelves, bar sinks, and other amenities. A step-down or step-up surface adds interest and separate work areas.

modern white kitchen with islandkitchen island in traditional style kitchen-island in modern style
A large kitchen can accommodate multiple islands. A food preparation island near the sink or stove serves as a work space. A serving or eating island can convenient and useful.

Chest-Kitchen-Islandmodern kitchen island

Monday, March 1, 2010


Expand your work space and storage

Add extra work space and decorative interest to your kitchen with the installation of the island. The kitchen island can be as simple as a small table or as elaborate as a custom build, electrified, plumbed, tiled cooking center. Search for ideas on how to add an islandto the kitchen and see photos of many islands.

modern island kitchen design
kitchen island  from wood design modern kitchen design

It seems that families are getting smaller and at the same time, kitchens are getting bigger. Designers use industrial equipment, state-of-a-art cabinets and countertop materials, including a kitchen island, where possible.

white kitchen island designkitchen island
island kitchen
A kitchen island looks beautiful in most settings and adds work space, storage area, and room for additional appliances.
dark-kitchen-innovativedesigner-lacquer-kitchen-with-islandextravagant island kitchen kitchen with island  design