Monday, March 11, 2013

Outdoor kitchen design

Outdoor kitchen design


Decide what type of instrument you want your outdoor kitchen. What kind of grill you want - carbon, glass, or both? Do you want side burners, warming drawer or a pizza oven? Smokers and rotisseries are also popular. Do you want a refrigerator or ice maker? Ham would be nice, but a dishwasher would be a real luxury.

outdoor kitchen design with carbon grill 


What other features would around your outdoor kitchen? Do you want a pool or hot tub? You want to sit in a hammock-style dining room and / or the type of seating lounge? Do you want TV, fireplace or wood-burning Mosquito Fogger?

contemporary outdoor kitchen near the pool 


Do you want your outdoor kitchen, fully enclosed porch, pergola or arbor open, or just an umbrella? Do you need a ceiling fan or heater off?

contemporary outdoor kitchen architecture -design and ideas


If your kitchen floor stained concrete, slabs, bricks or other materials? Your cabinets need to be very tough - maybe concrete or metal. You can have concrete countertops, ceramic tiles, granite slabs, or other durable surface.

modern outdoor kitchen design and ideas -wooden shelter


Your landscape sets the style of your outdoor kitchen. If you want to experience the tropical (and modify to suit), select the palm trees and other tropical plants brightly. If you want others to know their summer kitchen, choose plants suitable for this style.

modern and contemporary outdoor kitchen with a lot of plants

Filled how you want your outdoor kitchen, hire a contractor to build your outdoor kitchen. Make sure that it is pulling all of the building codes, and all applicable permits. Make sure you have all the necessary amenities that you need for your outdoor kitchen, water, gas and electricity.

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