Tuesday, October 20, 2009

outdoor summer kitchen-proposal

There is nothing more beautiful than the summer outdoor kitchen during the hot months.
So you can enjoy the time to cook meals, barbecue ... and to spend time in the fresh air with friends and / or family.

Of course there are a myriad of options and proposals, depending on location and which have the effect you want to achieve.

But let's start with the most unusual proposal.

To make a summer kitchen - barbecue on the terrace - Mission Possible.

Of course if you have a garden does not need a summer kitchen on the terrace, but not everyone has a garden cottage or summer house ... This does not mean that they can enjoy the summer kitchen and to build a barbecue on the terrace.

barbecue on the terace

So you have everything you need to make a pleasant barbecue party on the balcony.

Outdoor summer kitchen garden
Of course you can build mines and summer kitchen in the garden.
kitchen in the garden

This option is suitable for smaller garden spaces.
The next proposal is also an open kitchen, but slightly larger spaces. Of course you can arrange according to your taste and style you want to achieve.

modern kitchen -outdoorkitcen -design-outdoor
Summer kitchen shelter
These kitchens are suitable for larger spaces, and of course have a more permanent roof, protecting furniture and kitchen accessories.
Here are a few options depending on the location of which will build the kitchen.
Middle of the garden.

Outdoor kitchen
Near the fence and / or pool

outdoor kitchen
Near the house ... Or you can build a separate building with a roof and walls:kitchen

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