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Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Island for Summertime

Outdoor kitchens

Creating Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen for Summertime

The outdoor kitchen - about a third of what money is spent on remodeling homes spent on outdoor kitchen / living areas. There is a growing trend to increase the space outside our homes to provide more residential areas and places to enjoy the outdoors during the summer and winter. You can easily create an open space, paying less space and using your creativity and then - drive it!
Outdoor kitchens
What is an open kitchen?

Most home designers agree that the external kitchen is a place which must include at least one good quality cooking appliances such as wood fired grill or oven, some counter space and sink.


Creating one means that you will combine the best principles of interior design principles of landscape. If you do this, you will have a wonderful outdoor area that flows seamlessly from the interior of the house and is also linked with pool, patio, or just a garden. Best places life are those that flow ... You can do this by remembering some tips.

How to create this place:
# Think about what your needs as far as outdoor cooking is concerned.
# Prepare your budget!
Decision # best place.
# We do this yourself or hire a designer and contractors?
# Apply the principles of good design for outdoor kitchen too.
# Think about food and utensil storage, traffic between internal and external space, and other ways of internal and external kitchens will unite.
# Think about the type of materials you'll use for appliances, countertops, etc. ... time and support must be taken into account.
Grilled Ourdoor kitchen

If you have a pool, eating and any other area outside the game or residential areas, try to make a comprehensive plan that will connect all areas with clever design and use of materials. For example, paths and decks that are made of similar materials, etc. "links" all open "setting.
Think about the place of supply of gas and energy, and sorting equipment, which will be installed. For example, if you sink, you'll need water.

If you use this field through various time should think about heaters, shade and rain shelter.

Maybe you open kitchen will be well used and may include furniture, TV and sound system, which will enhance its functionality. Consider protection from weather and sunlight issues.
Light must be included in the project ... will need task lighting and ambient lighting or mood.
For security may be a problem if your outdoor kitchen is not protected or hidden.
Think about how to improve the aesthetics of decorative features and colors.
Fogazzo Outdoor Kitchens
Outdoor Kitchens
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